Lunch Bowls to Entrees

Try one of our savory bowls for a quick lunch, all the way to complete entrees to feed your family

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MULAN is Family!

We’re family here at MULAN Myrtle Beach, and that means a dedication to great food!

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Sushi: Maki / Makimono

You’ll love our selection of authentic sushi and maki. Dine in or pick-up to satisfy that craving!

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MULAN Japanese Express Myrtle Beach | view menu

Please come visit us at the 38th Avenue North MULAN Myrtle Beach restaurant.


We use only the freshest and most authentic ingredients in our delightful dishes [view menu], and since they are all cooked to order, your meal will be hot and delicious and ready to go.


From Lunch bowls and appetizers to Sushi, both Maki and Makimono, you’ll be so happy you joined us at MULAN Myrtle Beach!